Help! My mobile phone bill is too high


THE stereotypical line reads that ‘Girls love to talk’ but Spain sure does have one way to ensure there’s almost no chat at all.

And what is this secret weapon against conversation? Spanish mobile phone companies of course. Not only do they guarantee you can’t talk to friends and family, if you do they’ll charge you through the teeth for it too.

In Ireland I enjoyed a pay-as-you-go mobile phone account that allowed me to chat endlessly to friends belonging to the same company, as well as send unlimited text messages for no more than €20 a month. I was even given access to an online account, which let me send 500 text messages a month from my computer. In Dubai, I remember my mobile payments being even cheaper than that! In Spain however, it’s often day light robbery.

Since moving to Andalucia just over a year ago every month I dread the moment my mobile phone bills drops in the door. I am imprisoned in an 18-month contract with Movistar and am just counting the days to get rid of it. It’s an absolute criminal parasite on my savings. And for what service – nothing!

My contract is supposedly €20 per month, but all that gives me – apart from frustration – is 10 miserable minutes of talk time each day. Not one text message included in that price. And if I go over those 10 minutes, then the extra charges really kick in.

Why is it, with more 40 million people living in Spain, the countries potential conversations are being held to ransom by greedy mobile phone companies? Mobile phone companies in places like England and Ireland, where the average salary is much higher than in Spain, offer fantastic deals to their customers – so why are Spanish people being so blatantly overcharged?

Financially speaking in my opinion, mobile phone companies in Spain are a bad investment. And with just a couple of months to go until I can finally get Movistar’s greedy hands off my wallet.



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