While we slept


THE 20th Century was without a doubt the century which stands alone in the shaming of the human race.

Would anyone care to put a figure to the number of deaths between 1900 and 2000?

I would not; it would be far too depressing.

To claim that many died for the preservation of democracy is delusional but if self deception makes people bear their loss better that is fine by me.

The war against Hitler’s Germany reached its climax with the consolidation of the dreadful Soviet Union as a world power that threatened the free world for another 45 years. Some victory!

By Christmas 1945, 11 formerly free European nations had lost their freedom.

Former US President Herbert Hoover said: “The souls of one quarter of mankind have been seared by the violation of that American promise.  The ghosts of the Four Freedoms and the Atlantic Charter now wander amid the clanking chains of a thousand slave camps.”

Not surprisingly we hear little about it; there is no more effective gag than shame. Where are the democracies now? Can you identify one in Europe?

Without a shot being fired politicians have become the yes-men of powerful unelected technocrats.

Those calling the shots are faceless; their names unknown to most people.

An irony is that Greece, the mother of the democratic ideal was the first to fall to an unelected technocrat’s rule.

Italy’s politicians too must have watched with dismay as the next banker was parachuted in.

Anyone who has seen their business fall into the hands of the receiver will know the feeling.

They have been screwed by the banks; the stock will be sold at a fraction of its real value.

Under pressure from Germany and the European Central Bank the 27 nations of Europe will be placed in a straitjacket of national policy legislation.

An electoral vote in future will surely be as worthless as a signature on a petition.

To keep the voters happy there will be assemblies but power through the ballot box will be a daydream and an expensive one.

We might just as well let the receiver do his worse; keeping the managers on is not going to change things at all.

The new order will approve taxation and state budgets from which state power radiates.

Forget other decrees and edicts; social, migration and justice are already on the statute books.

We go to the polls blissfully unaware that 70 per cent of our laws have ‘Made in Brussels’ stamped on them.

While political communication specialists make politicians appear relevant we all know political debate is determined elsewhere.



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