European democracy is an oxymoron


CRITIC: Iain Duncan Smith

THE EU remains enmeshed in its habitual tangle of differing opinions, and Heads of State continue to put their political careers before anything else.

So I thought I might distance myself from such kindergarten squabbling, but what did I find whilst ‘surfing the web’, but a re-hash of comments I made in various Euro Weekly News (EWN) articles during the past months.

It came as no surprise to find Greece still in turmoil, with the EU-appointed Prime Minister admitting that, unless the new bail-out is agreed, the country will be bankrupt and forced out of the eurozone. The German Economy Minister suggested that if the Greeks cannot apply the necessary measures, ‘external control’ by the EU must take over to provide the required ‘leadership and monitoring’.

The Greek Finance Minister immediately rejected such a move, saying “it would undermine Greece’s national identity and dignity”.

Iain Duncan Smith, the British Work and Pensions Secretary, joined in, calling the German plan a ‘threat to European democracy’, forgetting, or possibly ignoring, the fact that the very phrase ‘European democracy’ is an oxymoron in itself.

I do wonder sometimes if the readership of the Euro Weekly News extends further than the Editorial and Circulation Departments realise, finding its way perhaps into the workings of the EU, and even Westminster!

Photo credit: Alex Rumford


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