If terrorism is the excuse, the reason is profit


The term Homeland Security is for many a term synonymous with over the top U.S. airport security.

The U.S. is ahead on the game of catch the terrorist but Europe isn’t far behind when it comes to making the lives of travellers miserable. Is the purpose to prevent terrorism or is there a more sinister reason?

Is airport security a scam from which billions are harvested through the sale of security equipment; nodded through by politicians keen to take advantage of a gullible public’s concern?

US daily the Los Angeles Times carried out an investigation and discovered that a total of $75 billion dollars each year was being spent on security measures, many of which are absurd. One can only guess at the amounts being spent in Europe but it cannot be far behind.

This is said to protect us from the possible consequences of terrorism. So much is being made on security measures that an end to perceived terrorism would be as economically catastrophic as finding a cheap alternative to Middle Eastern oil.

John Mueller, an Ohio State University professor says, ‘The number of people worldwide who are killed by Muslim related terrorism is maybe a few hundred outside war zones. It is basically the same number of people who die drowning in their bathtubs each year.’

What next, body scanners before we enter our bathrooms. Don’t laugh; some of the measures being taken are way beyond parody. On a tiny lake in a remote part of Nebraska operates a Zodiac high-powered boat with side-scanners looking for enemies. Hundreds of BearCat Armoured vehicles, complete with turret, were bought to protect Dream Works movie studios.

How can it be other than massive corruption that such fabulous taxpayers’ wealth is spent to prevent a risk that some say hardly exists.

As government departments spend billions on unnecessary security measures taxpayers strive to make ends meet. In Europe soup kitchen queues grow ever longer. Is it any wonder that people are taking to the streets and where will it all end?

There is a suspicion that government, arms and security contractors are in a win-win situation. Massive profits for the related industries and possibly brown envelopes being passed between suppliers and decision makers when resources are allocated. Government and certain departments have a vested interest in keeping fear levels high.

London recently staged a pre-Olympics exercise in Central London involving 2,500 security personnel.

It caused a considerable amount of disruption to everyday life. It was pure theatre with many acting the roles of the injured limping along with make believe wounds; make believe blood too.  As columnist of Britain’s Daily Mail Richard Littlejohn might say, ‘you couldn’t make it up’.

The truth of the matter is the terrorist threat is largely an illusion deliberately created, like global warming and carbon efficiency, as a means of screwing the largely uncomplaining public until the pips squeak. Terrorism is the excuse, the reason is profit.


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