The greatest show in town


While Strasburg fiddles, usually the books, Europe yearns for relief from the European Union’s economic malaise.

European Parliament towers - Brussels, Belgium

The Union falls further behind the more buoyant economies of China, India, Russia and Latin America. It is surely unwinnable because of what I believe to be Europe’s  unregulated banking system. The bankers are running the show now; they call the shots.

Unlike the Bolshevik seizure of Russia they captured Europe without a shot being fired.

Parliamentarians simply don’t seem up to the job of dealing with the crisis; in my view they are part of it. The entire charade of democratic system is increasingly ridiculed.

Will it change anything? Do turkeys vote for Christmas? Members of the European Parliament (MEP) are on a gravy train. With the best will in the world those who wish to change things lack the powers to do so.

Some say MEPs are largely window dressing to create the impression that the EU is a democratic body.

Electoral voting unfortunately stops with these representatives for in truth they are spayed as soon as they are elected.

Most of their decisions have to be passed by their own national governments.

Many of the issues debated and voted upon are mysterious and surely have little or no impact or meaning to the electorate.

It is a theatre for which fewer people today vote. Voters it seems have no wish to give the travesty undeserved credibility.

Real legislation, which does affect us all, is proposed by the European Commission (EC).

This is the Union’s civil service; it is led by an appointed, not an elected college. Laws must be approved by the Council of Ministers.

They are accountable to no one but themselves. If you know who these people are congratulations. If you see their names on electoral ballot forms then you can truly say you have witnessed a miracle of biblical proportions. They do deals behind closed doors for which they are unaccountable

If you thought the cost of Spanish and British parliamentarians was expensive I advise against analysis of the costs of the European Union. To witness the democratic rolling road show one must pause at Gare du Midi Railway Station in Brussels.

Each month a chartered super train, with extra carriages attached, vacuums up endless parliamentary carcasses. If there is one thing this train is not short of it is gravy.

This is made up of many hundreds of boarding MEPs, their assistants; a multitude of bureaucrats armed with free train tickets and accredited palace journalists.

Bound for Strasbourg it seems an appropriate destination for a game of musical chairs; the city has been either German or French five times in a century.

This circus caravan is a monumental waste from which the overweight burgers of Strasburg grow fatter.

Once there the MEPs will go through the rituals, pick up their bunce but change little or nothing; it is a €180 million a year irrelevancy to keep alive an illusion of European Union democracy. RIP.


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