Girls: We’re in the money but still work to be done


JUST a few weeks ago we celebrated International Women’s Day.

EARNING POTENTIAL: The fairer sex is on pace to outrun men when it comes to making money.

March 8 is a date dedicated to supporting women’s advancement in society and in the workplace. International Women’s Day has been around since the early 1900’s, raising a voice against oppression and inequality.

One of the reoccurring themes that presents itself over and over again on International Women’s Day, is better and equal pay for women.

This year however, we might need to call off the dogs and put a stop to future events.

According to brand new research, the fairer sex is currently on pace to out run men when it comes to making money.

Figures show that women aged 22-29 in employment are now earning more on average per hour than men of the same age.

The women’s headway in terms of their pay-packets is still only slight – with research form the UK showing that their average hourly pay is now just over £10 an hour compared with just under £10 an hour for men.

But this reverses a historic trend.

The author of the study, which was primarily looking into the gender gap in education, notes that over the years women have been leaving school and University with better qualifications than men. This fact may have taken time to filter its way into the visible workforce, but now we are starting to see more women in higher managerial positions and better pay for us ladies too.

A spin-off effect of all this is also that young couples are deciding after having a child that it makes sense for the woman to become the breadwinner; because of her higher earnings potential.

It all great news for women’s rights, but before we get too carried away and call a complete halt to International Women’s Day, it should be pointed out that there is still some more work to be done.

While women may be out earning men at the beginning of their careers, according to the study – the reverse is the case the higher up the professional food chain we go.

Other research shows that there is a 40 per cent pay gap between women and men aged forty and above.

This however could be down to the fact that women now in their 40’s, would have left school before the explosion in women’s qualifications began.

If things carry on as they are for women, it’s the boys who will need their very own International Men’s Day soon!


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