Spring into action with some last year fashion


THE sun is beginning to shine in Spain. And the layers of jumpers, jackets, tights and long-sleeved tops that saw us through winter are being striped off in place of light cardigans and T-shirts.

There is definitely a sense of spring in the air – a sense of new beginnings to match the cheery weather outside. But a new season doesn’t have to mean a new wardrobe too.

The change of climate always encourages a shopping spree.

The shop windows display beautiful new fashions, while magazines and newspapers are filled with colourful images of bright new wears that beckon us to spend, spend, spend.

But if you’re anything like most women I know, you really don’t need a whole new spring wardrobe to welcome in the new season.

What is already bulging out of your chest-of-drawers and wardrobe can more than suffice.

The chances are you bought a new skirt, pair of shorts and summer dress last year, so go hunt them down and plan a spring wardrobe around the existing items of clothes you already own.

There are staple pieces of clothes that every woman owns and loves. Leave your wallet alone and use these staples to see you fashionably through the spring.

Choose a pair of jeans that fit well, a skirt, a dress and a pair of shorts, and work different T-shirts, tops, cardigans, or light jackets around these items.

One basic item like jeans can be transformed into a mixture of different looks by simply matching them with different accessories and styles.

Try jeans, a T-shirt and flats by day, or jeans, a jazzy top, earrings and a necklace by night. The options are endless.

After routing through your wardrobe and figuring out what is lurking in the background, you’ll be surprised at what you’ll find, and what you even forgot you own. A good find in your existing wardrobe can be as thrilling a brand new piece of clothing.

I just did my spring wardrobe clean out and found a lovely casual day dress that had slipped down the back of the drawers. It’s a little dusty, but other than that it’s perfect and I don’t have to dip into purse to enjoy it!



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