Yoga your way to happier finances


With the hot months approaching fast, getting into shape and being able to fit into the dreaded summer bikini are probably top of the list for many.

A great way to whip stubborn fat into action is to start yoga.

However, as any seasoned guru will preach, yoga is more than just toned abs and better posture, it’s about living life in a balanced way.

As a result, yoga philosophy also provides a very balanced way to look at your finances.

With this in mind, check out these yoga-inspired financial lessons and think them over while honing your “asanas” on your yoga mat!

Awareness – If you’re the type of person, who ignores credit card bills, fails to establish a monthly budget and spends money without thinking, then awareness is definitely something that you’re lacking.

A yoga teacher teaches us to tune in, and listen to our body, but yoga also goes beyond the physical – it’s about being aware of what we do too.

So take some yoga style financial advice – try to uncover and understand some of the reasons why you may splurge, and this will result in progress.

Karma–“What goes around, comes around”, and this saying couldn’tbe truer for finance. All current financial actions have future consequences.

Money and karma, therefore, clearly go hand in hand. What you do today is really planting the seeds for your future experiences.

Those choices could either bloom into financial freedom– or leave you dumped in debt.But remember, your karma is a choice, so always stay aware to react with confidence to whatever life throws your way.

Balance - It can be difficult to balance on one leg, but if we watch yoga pros, they make it look like a piece of cake.

Balance can be a tricky thing because it’s easy to fall over, but like the yoga pros, with practice and determination anything is possible.

With finance it’s important to find a balance between saving, investing and spending. And the key is to balance out what you can actually afford now, with the bigger goals you’ve set for your financial future.

Flexibility – it’s a skill that involves more than just being able to do the splits. It also means going with the flow and taking things as they come.

Many things in life are out of our control – a job loss, a pregnancy or divorce, can all disrupt our financial plans.

A flexible person will bend with these changes and maintain a calm state of mind, rather than use such challenges to become excuses that badly affect future financial efforts.


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