How to choose a great venue


The success of a conference can depend on all kinds of factors, including the content, the speakers, the visual displays and,of course, the venue you choose.

Whether you’re responsible for arranging the company’s annual general meeting or its Christmas party, the choice of venue hire is just as important in either case.

It’s no wonder that venue finding has become big business. And going with a professional venue finder company is one way to take a lot of the headache out of organising an event.

Today there are so many different venues to choose from that it’s hard to make a choice. It’s no longer just a matter of choosing between a business hotel or an exhibition centre. You can choose from venues as varied as country house hotels, sports arenas, cinema theatres and theme parks.

The choice of venue depends on what kind of event you’re having.

If you plan to have seminar sessions, then you’ll need break-out spaces as well as a space that will hold all the delegates.

If you want a relaxed and informal event, the choice of venue can really influence that.

You might also be organising entertainment, so if you have something specific in mind like jugglers and magicians you’ll need to make sure there is space for the entertainers to work around the delegates.

Some conferences will be mainly presentation based and therefore suitable for theatre style seating and others will be require more delegate interaction in which case cabaret style seating is more appropriate.

Of course, the seating style you choose will make a big difference to the venue costs – and the cost per head of the event.

The timing of the event also affects venue choice.

If you’re arranging corporate entertainment such as a launch event or Christmas party, then you’ll probably want to organise an evening event, with the possibility of providing overnight accommodation for those attending.In this case, choosing to hold the event at a hotel makes a lot of sense, as you’ll get preferential rates on both the accommodation and the event venue.

Whatever time of day you choose to have your event, you need to make sure that the venue you choose is easy to travel to and from. This means being near main public transport hubs like railway stations or airports.

For those driving, you need to make sure there is parking available.

The easier you make it for delegates to attend, the more likely they are to turn up!



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