Bilingual expats are healthier and wealthier


Being able to speak Spanish offers expats a door into a whole new world.

BEING able to speak two languages can help keep your health in tip-top condition, according to research from sociologists at an American university.

So, with many of us ladies being expat residents in Spain, are we physically benefiting?

The study reveals that bilingual immigrants are healthier than immigrants who speak only one language.
People with strong English and native language proficiencies report better physical and mental health than
unilingual immigrants.

The study uncovered that the favourable health reported by bilingual immigrants has nothing to do with factors like
socioeconomic status, family and social support, and health behaviours.

Rather, that the health benefits may be the result of a kind of ‘cultural flexibility’ that allows them to integrate with their surroundings while maintaining cultural ties.

While studies these days are thrown around like cigarette butts on the street, this particular one does make some sense.

Living in a new country, with different rules and regulations and cultural ways of doing things, can be challenging for
a person who doesn’t understand the local language.

Simply going to the some Spanish banks to open an account or invest savings could be troublesome enough to cause a hernia for those that can’t communicate properly.
Being able to speak Spanish offers expats a door into a whole new world.

It allows for fluid conversation and better understanding of the country we live in and to tap in to potential business opportunities.


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