Stop the whinging and get on with it


SOMETIMES work-life can take its toll.

Jobs can be stressful, boring or monotonous and it’s easy to start complaining and grump and groan our way around the office.

But a recent newspaper article made me think that with Spain in such a deep crisis, maybe some employed people should be more grateful for what they have got.

A big new department store is opening in Cordoba this month and according to the local news, 800 people have been employed to work there.

Those lucky 800 were chosen from 33,000 people who sent in their CV with fingers tightly crossed. This means that 32,200 people are still on the job hunt, along with all the other millions of unemployed people in Spain.

Every workplace has one: the person that huffs and puffs and gives out about all and sunder regarding their employment situation.

Perhaps the boss is a pain, the hours are too long and the coffee machine is on the blink again.

I agree, there are often valid reasons to complain about a work situation, but there are also so many whiners out there that just harp on for the sake of it.

Not only is this negative behaviour extremely annoying for colleagues to listen to, it also doesn’t do your finances any good.

Why? Well, a whiner isn’t going to get promoted. A person who displays a constant bad attitude isn’t going to grab the boss’s attention and be shortlisted for any new openings within the business. And no promotion means, no salary increase, which is bad news for your savings.

Actually, the whiner is more likely to get a decrease in salary if things get financially tough within a business. Or even worse, it’s the whiner who will probably be first out the door if staff cuts have to be made. And no job equals zero salary dropping into your bank account each month.

Without valid reason to complain, the best financial advise during a crisis is get positive, hold your tongue and be happy you’re not one of the many people struggling to make ends meet in Spain at the moment.


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