Big fat lies costing women a fortune


The ‘does my bum look big in this?’ question is costing British women 2 billion pounds a year.

When women and men shop together and women ask their other half whether an ítem of clothing suits, seven out of ten men will say it does, despite the women looking hideous in the garment, a new study has revealed.

This dressing room fib is costing women a fortune, as it encourages them to snap up the unsightly item, only to later leave it sitting unworn in the wardrobe.

The men surveyed gave various reasons for lying about whether clothes looked good or not. Most guys admitted they didn’t want to hurt their partner’s feeling, while others said that it was a tricky situation the girls were putting then in -outside a busy changing area asking “whether bums look big” with shop assistants looking on and other customers passing by.

A quarter of men surveyed said they lie so that they don’t have to be dragged around more shops looking for the perfect fit.

Meanwhile a fifth admitted they were afraid a negative comment would be used against then later!

While the survey rings bells within many relationships worldwide, I say “women, you are the worse fools”.

Firstly, all grown women should know by now, themselves, whether am outfit suits or not. Unless your fella is Jean Paul Gaultier, stop wasting money asking your brick laying other half for his advice!

Secondly, – is your skin bulging in folds under the material? Then, YES, it doesn’t fit, so don’t buy it.

And finally, don’t drag your poor other half around the shops, unless, he wants to go. A girl friend is always more likely to give more honest advice than a man. Or better yet, stay away from the shops and you won’t be tempted to splash cash on any more ill-fitting clothes!


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