Eduardo Garcia Moreno – Repsol YPF


It is now the 15th largest petroleum refining company, according to the Fortune Global 500 list, employing over 40,000 people worldwide and a turnover of €49bn (2009).

Eduardo Garcia Moreno, is the Corporate Responsibility and Institutional Services Manager at Repsol YPF, a Spanish Oil and Gas company which operates in more than 30 countries.

Aged 50, Eduardo is single and lives in Madrid in his Labrador called Gomez. Eduardo says he was brought up by a middle class family, “in a country which in 1960 was still only half-developed.”

He began his degree in Geological Sciences at 17, “I remember that classes about the Geology of Petrol were not my favourites, I wanted to be a paleontologist, but life had other plants for me.”

Day to day:
I see myself as an accountant and trainer. On one hand, I am in charge of the company’s Environmental Performance and Social accounts, and on the other, I train the different divisions of the company to develop sustainability policies.
The first function looks at the company’s immediate past and the second determines its immediate future.

He reached his current position by:
Climbing a long and hard road for almost 20 years. I entered Repsol in 1990 when I finished my MBA. It is a privilege to work with one of Spain’s most international companies.

Two weeks after I started at Repsol, I was sent to sell coke (fuel) to ironworks in the North of France. It was in January and I spent three days driving behind a snow plow.

In the pipeline:
We have discovered new oilfields and in coming years, we will extend our international profile as petrol and gas producers. This will be the main change in Repsol in the medium term.

Most important project worked on?
The design of a new way of managing Corporate Responsibility which we are currently working on. This will determine the speed with which Respol can reach higher levels of sustainability.

Most memorable moment?
When my appointment as manager was signed on Friday, July 27, 2007, a 2.30pm.

Best gift given: if time is gold, then plenty of ‘overtime’
Book on bedside: only an alarm clock, and it has a terrible job waking me up.
City would like to live in: London
Like least in a person: irresponsibility.
Day or night person: after midnight I am ‘off-line’.
Cause: The Millenium I Objective: to eradicate extreme poverty in the world before 2015.


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