When spending money does not add up to commonsense


WHERE exactly does all the money go? Quickly….slowly….but always very surely it disappears, leaving us wondering what remains to show for it! It’s as though there is a leak in our savings and the money is just draining away.

A quick glance at bank accounts might reveal everything to be in order, but dig a little deeper, and the embarrassing truth is money is all too frequently wasted in most idiotic ways.

Take that yearly subscription to House and Home magazine for example. It may have seemed a good idea at the time the house was being decorated, but – three years later – is the glossy magazine delivered to the doorstep each month such a good buy? The home is decorated, so failing to suspend the subscription is only a potential tease into wanting to buy more things, as well a draining the bank account.

A little investigation can reveal numerous ways that money is literally thrown away, with the following just a few examples:

ATM charges:
This manner of wasting money often occurs through laziness. Maybe a particular bank machine is not in the area, so to make life easier a withdrawal is made from a competitor’s machine, but at a Euro2 charge. Giving away money to banks is pointless, with the best solution being to walk to a user-friendly ATM machine that does not charge. The bank account and thighs will benefit.

Bottled water:
Millions worldwide merely dream of the chance to have clean drinking water running from a tap. This is a luxury generally enjoyed in Spain, and yet hundreds of thousands – in fact millions – instead buy water in bottles. Not only is this environmentally unfriendly through the glass and plastic containers, but also a total waste of money. Water bought daily for say Euro 1 adds-up to a whopping Euro 364 a year. The best solution is to fill a bottle from the tap!

Shopping delusions:
*Impulsively buying an Elle Macpherson look-alike outfit – except it does not work – and it remains unworn.
*Hastily signing up for a 20-week yoga course, only to find on Week Two that balancing on all fours in the ‘downward dog’ pose is not for you.
* Buying an incredible designer ski-suit because it’s 75% off, even though there are no plans to go skiing. How dumb is that!


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