Bag a bargain but don’t get snowed in


NOWADAYS it’s not necessary need to wait until after Christmas or the summer season to pick up a good deal.

Thanks to the internet – a good bargain can now be found online, 365 days a year.

But with deals galore literally at our fingertips via the net, many people may find themselves caught up in a spending avalanche.

A killer pair of heels for only a third of their original price may seem like a shopping dream come true, but chances are that those heels will suddenly need a dress to match and of course, accessories. And before you know it – you’ve have spent more than you ever intended.

When dealing with these seemingly ‘incredible’ online prices, it’s frightening how quickly one purchase can lead to another, and then another. So next time you are considering clicking for a pair of sky-high heels, try to remember how quickly that purchase can snowball – and how hard it is to escape an avalanche in stilettos.

That’s not to say that bargains aren’t worth it. Sometimes they are, but in moderation.

Obviously, we all need to eat and drink and enjoy ourselves occasionally – and one website that offers this in abundance is

Groupon is a site that offers members a special ‘deal’ each day. The website covers the entire of Spain and offers bargains across Andalucia from Almeria to Cadiz. From meals at restaurants to spa appointments or hotel stays, Groupon deals are usually available to buy at about half of their original value.

Every hard-working woman deserves a body massage, a dinner for two or a pedicure once in a while, but with special deals from Groupon dropping into your email inbox on a daily basis, it can be easy to lose the plot and buy every deal you fancy.

A friend of mine, who isn’t flush, has currently stacked up about 10 different offers in the last two months alone. Every deal that she fancies she feels compelled to buy under the pretext that “it’s too good an offer to miss”. This attitude is not saving her money, but the opposite – it’s draining her of it.

Enjoy a good deal, but only click when you really do want the bargain on offer. And overall – be careful. Don’t get snowed in your effort bag a bargain!


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